Bringing career fairs into the digital age

A recruiting tool that simplifies the career fair experience.

The Problem

Recruiters face a wide range of problems at and after career fairs:

At career fairs, recruiters have to collect a large stack of resumes.

They also answer a lot of repeated questions throughout the day.

After the fair, they have to categorize the resumes based on previous notes.

Then, they manually upload the selected resumes into their internal recruiting system.

Introducing Auctora.

A recruiting tool that streamlines the career fair experience.

For Recruiters

Instantly discover candidates at career fairs. View, sort, annotate, and follow up with candidates in bulk.

For Candidates

Check into career fairs and seamlessly upload your resume to recruiters.

About the Team

Chris Wigley

Operations and Finance

Rama Gokhale

Product Management

Bryan Djunaedi


Ambarish Chandrasekaran


Eric Zeng


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